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We will buy your business today !!

There are businesses on the Island of Mallorca that are for sale year in and year out. These businesses don't sell for a whole variety of reasons. Often owners are just " chancing it " by putting their business up for sale in the hope that an unsuspecting buyer will come along and pay an over inflated price for something that they paid very little for. It is in fact becoming standard business practise here for brand new owners to automatically put themselves up for sale the very next day after purchase !!

Of course some people due to a variety of circumstances may need to leave the Island suddenly and although they have a genuine business that is worth every penny they paid, a buyer can't be found quickly enough.

Finally of course there are those who have businesses for sale that just aren't worth what is being asked.
  I've Sold My Business !!  

What type of businesses do we buy ?

We will buy ANY size and type of business that is currently making enough net profit to pay for itself outright within two years. This is the time period that extensive experience has shown us a genuine business will repay its cost of purchase.

This means that if you have a realistic asking price and your business is everything it is claimed to be it will be very easy for our team of business experts to make sure that you are paid on time and in full.

Any staff you may be currently employing will continue to be paid during the repayment period, but in the time it takes for the profit to accrue to a level to pay for the purchase of the business we pay ourselves absolutely nothing.

How can we possibly pay ourselves nothing ?

Your business will not be the first one we have purchased in this way and we also have many other businesses that run alongside this particular arm of our enterprise. For this reason we do not require the income being generated.

How does this deal work and how can I be sure that I will get paid ?

Agreed to in a legally binding contract we do not initially pay you anything. Instead from an agreed date we continue to trade your business as if you were still there and purchase your business from you using your own profits. From the point we take over we immediately begin to use our wide ranging business expertise and business contacts to help increase your profits. In this way we buy your business from you over an agreed period of time. As you can see it is therefore in our interest to make your business as successful as possible, and complete the deal as quickly as we can. Honest businesses that are genuinely profitable can normally be purchased in this way over two years. With our help and business expertise this time span is more than often a great deal less.

How much commission do you charge me for guaranteeing a sale and selling our business in this way ?

You will like this one. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!

As you can see there is absolutely no risk to you, no commissions to be paid to greedy agents and you potentially get to sell your business for the full asking price !!

If you have a business that you would like us to look at please send an e-mail to and we will start the ball rolling straight away.
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Businesses For Sale in Mallorca | Buy a Business for sale in Mallorca | Buy My Mallorca Business

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